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There are currently three different ways that we can work together:

(1) reset: 90-day 1:1 mentorship

(2) high level business consulting

(3) 90-minute breakthrough sessions

Take a look at details on each of these below to see which capacity is the best fit for your needs, where you’re currently at & where you’re intending to go.

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  • “Swati is a brilliant entrepreneur and marketer. She is strategic and has developed a strong framework on how to help others succeed. Very thankful and excited to have her as a mentor!”

    Transformational Health Coach

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reset: 90-day 1:1 mentorship

In RESET, you journey through 3 stages that lead you to the ultimate transformation as you step into the next level version of yourself. There are 6 major components of YOU that are deconstructed and rebuilt, but the end result is YOU at your greatest potential in your personal life, your business and your level of abundance.

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high level business consulting

Are you an enterprise or business owner who is looking to scale your offerings, reach and market share? This level of support is highly comprehensive and customized to get the results you’re seeking whether it’s developing & launching a new product line or expanding your presence & footprint.

This is by application only so please reach out for more details. You may book a call to discuss further by clicking the button below.

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breakthrough sessions for online entrepreneurs, small business owners & coaches

Are you an online entrepreneur, small business owner or coach who is looking to get to that next level in your business, money & life? Check out my 90-Minute Breakthrough Sessions and discover how to finally achieve the big results you desire without the overwhelm, burn out and headaches of the past. We're talking everything from powerful money & mindset shifts to a massive marketing & sales overhaul along with more freedom & a richer life. Grow your reach, uplevel your entire business and make serious money doing what you love.