The real reasons you're not making the money you want


I have an important Q for you: 

Are you having a hard time believing that you can reach those first $10K + months (or even higher for some of you)?

Are you wondering if it will take years to get there or if it will require even more struggle than you’ve experienced so far?

What if I promised you that you could get there quickly? And that it could actually be easier than it is now and that you’d have even more freedom and free time after you got there?

It’s true! There are so many things that are running through my head that I’m seriously dying to share with you right now. Things that will help you get there.

1. Get the UPLEVEL series where I take you through the 3 steps to do daily in order to create the result you desire (I used the example of $30,000 in cash EVERY month)

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BTW, my first $10K was the easiest freaking thing I’d ever experienced. And it came in a very unexpected way!

These days, there are a few key things that I hold myself accountable to day-in and day-out.

One of them is the UPLEVEL process (mentioned above in #1).

Outside of that, it is something called BLIND FAITH.

Now, I know I know…. This term has become trite and overused at times, but when you stop and re-think it… it is SUPER POWERFUL.

Here's are the top 4 things that you absolutely need to understand:

Before I start: It's absolutely necessary to possess complete and total TRUST in yourself, your process, your God (or the Universe or whatever you call it) and the whole miraculous way that things work.


#1. Blind faith means you have to STOP worrying about "the how." 

It's none of your business HOW things will come to you, HOW they will play out and HOW the Universe will deliver what it is you desire.

Your job is to decide what you want with absolute clarity and authenticity (i.e. stay true to your Soul). Your job is to ask, receive Divine Inspiration and then TAKE ACTION. Not obsess over the HOW.


#2. Blind faith means that sometimes you can't use your current logic. 

If your goal sounds crazy insane, that's okay. You may not understand how any of it is possible. That's okay, too. BLIND faith, remember?


#3. Blind faith means trusting even if you have zero line of sight to your end goal. 

Just take it one step at a time. If you ask and receive, you will get the steps fed to you one at a time -- just keep taking those inspired actions.


#4. Blind faith means believing in something even if you don't have any validation or proof that this could really happen for you. 

If you are asking for something you've never had before (or something no one you know has ever done before), then how can you have the proof yet? There's a first for everything, you know...

Anytime you feel yourself spiraling because "you don't know how" or wonder if it's possible... anytime you find yourself looking for proof in your past or in those around you... STOP.

BLIND FAITH. That's all you need. Know. Believe. Trust. If you can't understand any of it, who gives a sh*%. Walk the walk and take action anyway. That's how you get things done.

I'm here to support each and every one of you in getting there as quickly as possible. HIT REPLY any time or hit me up in the FB Group. I'm here for you!

To manifesting all that your heart and Soul desires.


XO, Swati