You Are Not a Commodity

No, you are NOT.


 We all are quick to say, “I’m unique!” and re-affirm that we are quite aware of how special and “individual” we all are.

And, on some surface level, we totally know this to be true.


On another level, we’re terrified of being ourselves when it comes to our business. We’re scared of doing the “wrong thing.”

So we follow the advice of others and believe what they say is "the only way to do things."

It’s okay to listen and learn from others, but to use others’ success strategies as the holy grail of our own successes is not okay.

When it comes to making offers, we think, “Hmmm…. What would people be willing to pay for?” and try and build programs and offers around what we think other people want (instead of what lights us up).

We build mission statements and create “ideal client avatars” that are based entirely on what we think we “should” do rather than what we “want” to do.


As I type this, a thousand examples of times that I’ve been guilty of this come to mind.  (Cringe…)

But I’m here to tell you that none of that matters.

Yes, it’s great to survey your audience when creating offers.

No, it’s not awful to research or scope out what other people are doing for inspiration, ideas and to gauge your offers.

But what is not good: Losing yourself in the process.

What do YOU want to create?

What excites you and makes you inspired to share your gifts & interests with the world?


STOP SAYING: “Yeah, but I don’t think people pay for that.” Or “But you can’t make enough money doing that.”

Seriously… I love you, but if you say that even one time I will make it my life’s mission to find you and prove you wrong!

Okay, I won’t stalk, but if you have these doubts, PLEASE HIT REPLY and share them with me. I promise, I won’t even get mad at you! But I will also prove you wrong with specific examples to back me up. You have to END this kind of thinking or you'll make yourself crazy.

My message to you today: Do what you want. 

Yes, it is an actual FACT that you are unique. That’s why you HAVE TO do what you want and what lights you up… because no one else can do it and be as good as you.

Only you.

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Yes, seriously… because you can.