Proof That You Need to Chill


My hubby sent me this link with the text, “See I told you.” The linked article was entitled, “To boost your luck, chill out."

What he was trying to brag about was his notorious "laid back" style. The "laid back" part is what I'm often "nagging" him about.

(Note: In my defense, I do not nag him about being laid back. What drives me crazy is his chronic tardiness and his "I almost missed my flight again, but scooted on to the plane at the last minute just as they were shutting the gate" weekly stories. So the way I see it, it's not the same thing and I'm right in this marriage! haha)

Anyway, marriage triumphs aside, the article was really cool.

It said that those who "consider themselves lucky" and are laid back about stuff are often open to try new things, more aware of their surroundings and...

...therefore, "LUCK" or really amazing opportunities seem to come to them.

The truth is, the article continues, their so-called LUCK is really just them being open to catching the opportunities that most fail to notice or pick up on.

On the other hand, ANXIETY and similar emotions cause other people to focus on potential threats and risks rather than see the bigger picture.

The article concluded that if you chill out, you'll be much more likely to spot a good fortune-making chance right in front of you. So choose "relax" over "worry," basically.

My husband read this and thought, "See! Me being laid back is how I've created my own luck."

(And for those of you who don't know my husband, he is widely considered to be extremely lucky. He seems to strike gold often and has definitely created an upswing for himself in every department of life. It's one of the things that attracted me to him immediately.)

But I read something a little different.

My thought was, "If you're not laid back, then you're uptight."

Meaning you're probably trying to control the outcome or you're trying to figure out how to hedge your results at every turn.

Meaning you're NOT surrendered.

Meaning you're NOT okay with turning things over to the Universe (or God or whatever you believe in).

Meaning you're NOT trusting or having faith that everything will work out in your best possible interests.

Meaning you're NOT convinced whole heartedly that just relaxing and "going with the flow" is enough. You think you need to somehow control the outcome in your favor.

Meaning you are probably overthinking everything and trying to figure out HOW things will play out.

REMEMBER: It is your job to ask for what you want out of life.

It is your job to listen for divine guidance (either through meditation, pondering, journaling or prayer).

It is your job to TAKE ACTION when you hear that whisper or voice or you get that "intuitive hit" telling you what to do next to get what you want.

But it is NOT your job to know all of the answers or demand to know exactly HOW things will play out.

My first launch was a bust. I wanted to make a few thousand dollars. But instead, I made ZERO.

But a few days later, I got a private client who liked what I had to offer in my launch, but wanted more. MORE!

So I ended up making even more money than I thought I would with my launch.

Apparently, it wasn't my business to know HOW I was going to get that money. I did everything my intuition told me to do and guess what?

It actually worked. But in a completely different way.

I want you to know that you are not alone in this. You have me, this group over on FB...

...AND you have your higher self, your higher power and a whole host of support that you can't physically see with your eyes.

Maybe if you could see it, you would relax much more easily. But you can't.

You only have FAITH and TRUST.

And that feeling in your gut right now that you are in the right place doing the right thing.


So keep going!

That's it for now. KEEP GOING.

XO, Swati