3 Ways That Your Lack of Marketing Clarity Is Holding You Back from Sales & Success

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One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients making is getting stuck on their foundational pieces such as their messaging, their ideal client descriptions and their offers.

I feel the pain all too well as I spent the better part of a year doing the same.

·      Are you finding yourself going back and starting over time and time again?

·      Do you feel that you’re “not ready” to effectively market because you still can’t seem to get ahold of your marketing basics?

·      Do you feel frustrated by the hours that you spend working on your branding and perfecting your content and copy without any sales to show for it?

If you said “yes” to any of these, I know the feeling lady!

The good news is that you are in good shape if you know the value and importance of getting a solid foundation in place. I mean, how can you run a Facebook Ad campaign effectively and make the best use of your investment (your ad dollars are your money, after all) if you aren’t targeting in the right way?

Yes you’d be right.

But what I would like for you to also consider is a couple different ways that you may be getting in your own way.

Here are the most common THREE ways that I see this happening today:


You feel that you’re not ready….yet. You’ve surveyed, you’ve tested, you’ve written it, you’ve rewritten it. You still haven’t finished finalizing your ICA Profile and you’re still tweaking a couple words in your “I help…” or Brand Positioning statement. But when you finally finish it, you are confident that it will be excellent and then you will FINALLY be in great shape!

This is where I step in and gently remind you that your work is well-intentioned, but sadly sucking up all of your time and energy…. with no dollars or sales to show for it.

It’s now time for a little tough love a gently nudge.

My advice is always: start before you’re ready. Don’t get caught up in the idea that you’re not good enough right now. Don’t buy into the lie that if you are one or two adjectives off in your branding, this will “make or break” your bottom line.

When you are starting out, it is important to know who you are talking to and to have an good understanding of your customer’s pains and how to solve them.

However, it is also crucial that you start taking action and start actually executing on your marketing. Don’t fall into the trap of procrastinating under the disguise of “working on your messaging and client profiles.”

If you’ve already done marketing research, then you need to start marketing! Beyond researching and interviewing, the BEST WAY to really master your message and your marketing is to get out there and start marketing, testing and then tweaking as you go.


Keep that ego in check, please!

A little background on your ego: It is, first and foremost, going to try and keep you safe. Which means it equates “getting this wrong” with you being in harm’s way. It will do everything it can to keep you from moving forward.

It is super clever in the ways it protects you, too! Like it will tell you that “you need to research this more so that you don’t fail and waste time posting the wrong things on social media.” Then you end up spending more hours researching and going down the never-ending rabbit hole INSTEAD OF trying out different posts to see if you gain engagement and then perfecting your posting strategies and content along the way.

WARNING: I truly believe that the more intelligent you are, the better your ego is at tricking your into engaging in ways to RESIST making progress. It uses irresistible logic and rationale to talk you out of taking TRULY PRODUCTIVE ACTION and just doing something else instead (like “marketing research” instead of talking to your customers).

If you keep finding yourself compelled to do more research or start over, ask yourself: Is it fear holding you back? If it is, you know to put that fear in check!


This means you have bought into the idea that you need to have all of your ducks in a row and your messaging needs to be perfect before you really start marketing your products and services.

Yes, you shouldn’t go out there without a handle on who you’re talking to, what they need and what you’re offering. TRUE.

BUT…. Your messaging will EVOLVE even more (I promise!) as you start spreading it. You will interact with people, get to know your clients & customers and you will eventually find your voice and master your message.

THIS ONLY COMES FROM EXPERIENCE AND TIME. This is almost always the case.

Did you ever start a new position in your corporate (or 9-5) days, read a manual and then know everything there was to know about rocking that job? No. You didn’t.

Trust me. If you’ve done your due diligence and worked on crafting your message, researched your ideal clients and assembled and offering based on the transformation that you provide, you need to move on to implementing your marketing in the real world.


Want a killer (but super simple) exercise that will help you climb out of the weeds and into the place where you are confident in your marketing?

Join us in our Facebook Group today (Tuesday 9/5 @ 3pm MST / 5pm EST) for a LIVE training on how to do this PLUS you’ll get a brief, but powerful worksheet to help you get into the “expert marketing” frame of mind.

Remember: don’t let your clever ego trip you up. Don’t let fear in disguise keep you in a place of no action. You are in charge! You’ve got this.

XO, Swati