What Are You Doing to Align with Your Success?

Last week, I started taking my amazing group of FB group members into a month long series of training on how to start marketing yourself as an expert in order to catapult your sales, grow your profits and attract the premium clients.

Yes, the trainings are jam packed with strategies, systems and real-life scenarios that you can start implementing now in order to get results.

If you haven’t joined in to catch these, click here to snag these while you can.

Note: they’ll only be available for a limited time before I take them down and stash them in the vault.

But in addition to killer strategy, I talk a whole lot about your mindset.

Things like how to get out of your own way.

I show you how to approach your fears from a scientific and practical place and overcome it for good.

We talk about how to start being visible, even if you’re private on social media, a shy person or even introverted.

You see, mindset has everything to do with your success – especially in the beginning when finding clients and customers in the noisy marketplace feels like an uphill battle.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give you is to align with your success.

Think about who you want to be when you hit your next milestone. Is it a 6-figure earner? A powerhouse authority in your industry? A published writer? A major player? A multiple 6-figure or 7-figure earner?

What is your next big goal?

Then, like I always say, “Live like it’s now.” Literally, start acting, dressing, eating, thinking, talking, pondering, and behaving like this goal has already been achieved. (I cover it in the training series, so again catch it in the FB Group while you can!)

So today, I challenge you to start doing this simple (but oh so challenging) act. Do it for TWO WEEKS and tell me how your life and success has dramatically shifted.

But you have to do it and do it consistently! No giving in to crappy thinking. No going back to your old ways. This is the new way!

I’m dead serious in my guarantee. You will be amazed at where you can go in the next TWO WEEKS after implementing this! I promise you with all of my heart.

See you (the new you) on the other side.

Xo, Swati