Should You Start a Product or Service Based Biz?

You’re not sure where to start or which idea you can most profitably form into a biz: Here is my quick video for today to help you.

I go over the pros & cons of a Product Based Biz vs. a Service Based Biz.  PLUS…..

….I am giving away a limited number of 30 Minute Business Idea Assessments (as someone who has formed 4 businesses) to help you:

1.     Vet your ideas and FINALIZE your new business

2.     Get your next 3-5 ACTION steps to start MAKING $$$ in the next 30 days.

Here is the link to book the Free Assessment:

Lots of love! Take advantage so that you can end this year in a completely different place when it comes to your happiness, your business, your finances and your freedom.

XO, Swati