5 Ways Indecision is Killing Your Business

...and is destructive to you as a parent, partner or even a person.

In this video, I explain why indecision is one of your biggest enemies.

Here's a summary of how indecision hurts you:


·      It sucks up your capacity, whether it is psychological, emotional or intellectual.

·      I use a mason jar to demonstrate this concept. You have limited energy and indecision eats away at it and robs other areas of your life from your focus.

·      It also leads to overwhelm when you are stuck in the vicious cycle of questioning whether or not you should take action, then looking for alternatives, then not knowing which to choose, etc. etc. etc. It’s not a fun place to be.

·      Just move on and let go! Stop trying to know and control everything and start releasing that burden.


·      It erodes you confidence. Period.

·      I relay a story that my mentor, Mel Pharr, was told by her mentor, Gina DeVee: indecision is the scariest place a woman can be stuck in.

·      When you allow yourself to spiral downward by engaging in decision, you chip away at your faith in yourself, your ability to trust your instinct and your overall confidence. By the time you make a decision, even if it’s the right one, you are full of doubt and no longer feeling good about it anyway.

·      Start a mantra. When you catch yourself in the cycle of overthinking, analysis paralysis or questioning, use a mantra like, “I trust in my process. I have faith in myself and my abilities. I am safe, secure and confident in my decision.”


·      It accelerates your fear and anxiety levels (again, it’s a scary place!).

·      The very act of being constantly indecisive is you telling yourself and the world that you are uncertain about your abilities and your gut instinct.

·      If you’re already an anxious person, you are only magnifying your perceived “right” to be insecure by essentially saying: “I will probably make the wrong choice and it will lead to a negative outcome.”

·      The truth is: your choice may not lead to the most successful or ideal outcome, but it will lead you to a place where you can learn, pivot and adapt…and NOT make that choice again. So make a choice, feel good about it and MOVE ON.


·      It eats up ALL OF YOUR TIME. As an entrepreneur, especially if you are a parent and especially if you are building your high-earning biz as a side hustle while working in a 9-5, you do not have the time for this kind of shit.

·      Often, when we lack the ability to make a decision and move on, we lose track of time in our day to day. We never make progress in our biz. We wake up in 3, 6, 12 months…hell, even years!...with nothing to show for vision of biz success.

·      When you find yourself in the place of indecision and avoiding progressive action in your biz, ask yourself: “How badly do I want this? Where do I want to be in 3, 6, 12 months? Do I want to be here still?” If the answer is you want change, you need to change your pattern of indecision.


·      Frankly, it’s selfish of you. Yes, tough love, I know.

·      When you prevent yourself from taking action, you are depriving yourself of the transformation that you most likely need. Which will most likely make you a better, more evolved person. Parent. Wife. Leader.

·      It causes you to block the desire of you having a better life, whether or not it involves building a 6- or 7-figure a year business, ditching the corporate job you are unhappy with, spending more time with your family, being there for your kids, providing them with the opportunities and experiences you will be able to afford if you get started now…

·      It also prevents you from being of service in the world. How can you make an impact or help people if you can’t even decide whether or not you should wait to get started, or you’re unsure about what to post or you can’t figure out what system or tool to install in your biz. You get the point.

·      If you are struggling with challenging task of getting out of your own way, think about what I just said. Make it not about yourself. Make it about your service to the world. Your kids. Your family. Your precious time.

I hope this helps you to start taking massive action ASAP. With love!

XO, Swati