How to Attract Money (how you manifest it or turn your back on it)

Let's talk about 💲money 💲. Why? Because it's Friday and, for most of you, it's payday!

Money is made up of energy ✨ On its own, it's neither good nor bad, but neutral. It is YOU who assigns emotion to it... your own emotions and opinions of money.

Since 95% of your thoughts & feelings are controlled by your subconscious mind, you've got messages about money flowing whether you acknowledge it or not...

...and those messages are either attracting more money or blocking it from flowing your way.

Think I'm crazy? THINK AGAIN. Check out my latest vid & find out why.

P.S. I know the place is a mess & my kids are, well, being kids. That's my life today! I am getting used to showing the not-so-put together side of me to the world...but getting this message out there seemed more important today than my saving my pride

XO, Swati