Why Your Mindset Matters (and how you can build awareness)

This week, I made short impromptu video to kick off a long series on strengthening your mindset and all that this entails.

Think of it as a serious bootcamp for you mental game… or a boot in the ass to get you up and running toward your goals of success, freedom and financial wealth. (Whichever lights you up more!)

You may be confident. You may be positive (or at least act like it). You may be highly self-motivated.

However, the type of mindset game that I’m referring to is so much more than that. And, more importantly, it’s absolutely critical to your long-run gains and success.

Find out why along with how your subconscious, which controls about 85-90% of what you end up taking action on or avoiding in your life, is really the driving force in your reality.

Also, to get you started, I included a super simple exercise that you can do anywhere to start building awareness of your thoughts, particularly the more negatively-slanted thoughts.

Let me know what you think or how it goes for you!

XO, Swati