I Know Why You're Not Going Live

I know exactly why you are NOT using Facebook Live right now.

Even after you read that 78% of Facebook users watch Lives and 80% of them prefer it over your blogs and posts, you will still feel nervous and afraid to hit the “Go Live” button on your phone.

When working with clients, I have heard every excuse to avoid live streaming (believe me, they are pretty convincing sometimes!) and witnessed resistance in all forms. In fact, I used to say the same things, too.

I have consistently found that there are generally four areas that create a majority of this resistance for people. I’m guessing these will sound familiar to you when you read them….

I will give you the lowdown on every single thing you need to get started making professional, fun and super engaging Lives including 7 things you can talk about TODAY to generate sales.

Basically, everything you need to BE ready to start today. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you will FEEL ready to start today.

You see, there are THREE major ways that the human brain is designed to avoid things like live streaming.

As an entrepreneur, there are so many more things besides Facebook Lives that our brains will convince us to avoid as well.

Learn this and you will be on your way to being unstoppable as an entrepreneur. Seriously.

This video and guide focuses on how to live stream like a pro and without any hesitation.

PLUS it includes a list of everything you need to get started today: the how-tos, how to brand yourself, on-camera presence, equipment lists and exactly what to talk about to sell in a completely not-sleazy or slimy way.

If you are hesitating or fearful about actually hitting the “Go Live” button on your Facebook app, then you need to hear this now.

Conquer your fears, get out of your own way and start generating real sales with Facebook Live today.


XO, Swati