Website vs. Landing Page? (Which one do you need now?)

What's the difference, which one should I do, how much are each & how can I do this as quickly and painlessly as possible so I can start selling?

2:45 - the purpose of your website and what you should include in yours

3:35 - all about landing pages and what makes it different from a web page

5:50 - what I use: Squarespace (for coaching & consulting), Shopify (for my Seni Naturals skin care biz) and Leadpages (for a landing page)
INCLUDING why I chose these and why I recommend that you use these as well (no, I'm not an affiliate)

7:40 - how much do each of these cost?

8:15 - a little side note on why you need to invest in your business!!! don't let the fear paralyze you and keep you stuck

9:45 - if you have to choose between a website and a landing page, why I think you should just do the website

10:15 - why you NEED TO DO THIS NOW if you haven't already - share your gift with the world

11:00 - first website sucked, but I got paid anyway and, more importantly, I GOT OUT OF MY OWN WAY & GOT STARTED

XO, Swati