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Thank you for joining us on this training! Below you will find your video trainings along with the PDF guide that goes along with the trainings.

Video 1: Intro

A quick overview of what this is all about...

You know why going Live is good for your business.

You know that you should be doing it.

Here's why you're stopping yourself.

Let's do this thing!

Video 2: The Top 4 Excuses

What if I asked you to go on Live today?

What would you say?

Learn the top 4 types of excuses that we all have when it comes to doing live stream video and let's talk about what our excuses really mean.

Video 3 - Your Brain

Discover the top 3 ways that your brain is wired and designed to prevent you from doing things that will uplevel you in your business (and life)...

...such as jumping on Facebook and doing a live stream video.

Video 4 - The Basics

Learn the basic "how-to's" including everything you need to know to click the "Go Live" button and record your first live stream video today.

You'll see that it's not hard at all! 


Video 5 - Your On-Camera Presence

Let's go over how to maximize your on-camera presence and create online brand consistency. 

In this video, you'll also learn tips on how to show up, present your most engaging self & how to make sure your videos are as professional as possible.

Video 6 - Equipment

First and foremost, you don't need anything but your phone to get started live streaming....

... However, I will give you the basic equipment to uplevel the quality & professionalism of your videos.

Plus, you can get it all for under $100!

Video 7 - Sales Generating Topics

Now that you're going live, you need something to talk about!

What would be better than topics that prime your audience for your offers and drive them toward the point of purchase or to book time with you?

I give you SEVEN things you can talk about today!

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Go Live Today Guide

Don't forget to grab a copy of the guide that goes along with the video series.

It recaps some of the main points including in most of the videos...

...including your checklists to get started and your equipment shopping list.

Ready to go big?

Did you get value out of this training series?
This is just one small part of how I work with women entrepreneurs to authentically sell and market online in a way that's easy, not time consuming & as automated as possible.

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