Free Trainings That Will Change Your Business and Your Life


master the art of selling & succeed in every single sales conversation with ease (and soul)

Your sale conversations don't have to feel icky or forced. Your process doesn't have to feel complicated either.

In fact, selling can be soulful, authentic and really allow you to make a positive impact in people's lives.

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How would you like sales to feel good, create connection AND how would you like to do it in a way where "YESSSS!" was a no-brainer???

No pushiness. No struggle. No manipulation. Only real value that your customer craves. You can do this. I can show you how.

I've done every level of sales from entrepreneurial to corporate for 20 years. I have a different approach and it has helped both me and my clients THRIVE IN SALES. I call it "Consultative Sales" and the formula I teach works!

Get Exactly What You Want from Your Business, Money & Life

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You know you were meant for so much more... so why don't things look like it?

Whether you're stuck in terms of how much money you're making or you are struggling to have a major breakthrough in your business (or life), this video series will help you overcome that and create a massive UPLEVEL once and for all.

This 3-video series is designed to teach you how to rewire your brain to create an even better outcome, uncover the blocks that are sabotaging all of your efforts and step into the reality that you choose. It's do-able, powerful and insanely effective. This is what my clients pay me big bucks to facilitate and I'm gifting it to you for free!

start attracting your dream clients with ease

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(for coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs & creatives)

You know you have so much to offer, but your business looks more like an expensive and time-consuming hobby than an online empire...

Scale your online business, without "hustling" for consistent clients? 

This free (content-only) Masterclass will walk you through how to consistently attract the right people and succeed in online biz while being YOU.

Do you have fear & resistance around doing Livestream video?

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You know you should be doing it. You know it will quickly grow your reach. You know it will lead to bigger sales... 

But you just can't seem to get yourself to do it, right?. I can tell you exactly why your brain is keeping you from doing it!

PLUS: I'll give you everything you need to get started from a technical standpoint AND give you 7 things to talk about that will drive sales now.

Grow your impact, build your tribe, increase your expert-status and seriously shorten your sales cycles with FB Lives. (What are you waiting for? This training is EPIC!)

Looking to grow your impact?

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If you want to grow your business quickly with a limited amount of time and get HUGE results, check out this free guide.

These are the proven strategies that helped both myself & my clients uplevel our businesses, incomes and scale our results in a relatively short amount of time.

Implement just 3 of these consistently and the results will blow you away.

become a wildly successful entrepreneur (while still in your 9-5)

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As someone who has successfully pulled it off (and without losing my sanity or my family), I want to share how I did it and how you can do it, too.

These are the 5 crucial things you need in order to quickly grow your biz & replace your salary while being fully employed and a Mom.

You can totally do this! 

BONUS: I've included a powerful Audio and Visualization to get you going. Plus, you'll get a full list of all of the Audible Books I listened to on my commutes. Both of these are what helped me quickly grow my side biz, replace my income & finally ditch the 9-5 life. Enjoy!