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i help highly successful women entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers and disruptors find the way back to their next-level selves…

I know how it goes because I’ve been there. What was once a business that was massively scaling, changing lives and making an impact now feels like a ball and chain.  

Somehow, as the stakes got higher and your business operations grew more complicated, you’ve discovered your burned out, dreading your work and feeling trapped in a hell of your own making.

I know it because I’ve lived it… multiple times!  

I’m a reformed perfectionist, recovering control freak and a former people pleaser. Money and finances used to secretly control a lot of my business decisions. I coached other women successfully to follow their purpose and passion, but didn’t always practice what I preached.

And those choices created what I call “The Spillover Effect,” where the results spill over and expose themselves in other major areas of your life: relationships, finances, lifestyle, health… In other words: if left unchecked, you can become a serious hot mess.

As a serial entrepreneur with multiple business ventures going at all times, I was finally forced to stop, confront & rebuild my life piece by piece after a serious 5-month round of deep burnout. 

During this time, I realized that this wasn’t my first run in with burnout. I experienced it in grad school, college, each and every corporate job I’ve ever had and even motherhood.  

Life presents us with these challenges for a reason: It was from here that I birthed my signature 3-phase journey that I call “RESET.” It’s completely transformed my life and the lives of other women….

reset allowed each of us to finally wake up from the conditioning that no longer serves us, step into our greatness and start approaching life and business on our own terms.


my background

My professional background prior to Entrepreneurship includes over 20 years in Sales, Corporate Finance & Operations for some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies along with several years of mentoring women in business. I hold an Economics degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

In addition to a stint studying Feminist Theory & politics, I have a true passion for activism. When it comes to being self-made, I’ve gone from financially-in-the-red to becoming a wealthy woman. (And lady, if I can do this, so can you.)

My Entrepreneurial career includes starting a skin care company from the ground up and partnering with my husband to grow a real estate investment portfolio worth several millions.  I’m also a consultant for women business owners in a variety of fields from skin care to the cannabis industry.

While I love strategizing on female run businesses, my passion is helping female coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs grow both personally and professionally via a holistic approach that addresses the whole picture: lifestyle, money and mindset in addition to business operations, marketing and financial strategy.

I’ve got a unique ability to really get to the bottom of what is holding you back so that you can quickly achieve the kind of breakthrough necessary in order to catapult yourself to that next level in your business, your life and your wealth.


the bigger picture...

What’s my BIGGER WHY? I’m here to get more women “a seat at the table.” ALL WOMEN. Women like YOU.

Like you, I want to see women achieve huge financial gains because women with wealth literally make the world a better place. All women: women of color, mothers, women from all backgrounds, all women.

I am deeply passionate about women everywhere breaking barriers and achieving:

  • real & sustainable wealth while staying true to who they are and doing things on their own terms

  • more leadership positions and board seats, especially within Fortune 500 and S&P companies

  • equal compensation & MASSIVE compensation… for ALL women

  • a more meaningful share of VC funding

  • the creation of more successful women-owned businesses

  • representation for ALL WOMEN… in politics, in the media and in the type of policy-making that affects each of us

This is just for starters!

if you feel called to learn more about me and my methods to support you in transformational leaps, book a complimentary clarity call